Before You Start


Before you start, it is very necessary to go through a lot of things to increase your adaptation success chance. The fact of the matter is, there is a lot for you to absorb. Everything suddenly looks overwhelming and you just want to start!

Overall, one important asset you need to remember is that starting your adaptation may be easy. In fact, so easy that you can press the button and set the nap time immediately. However, there is much more to the process; if only things were simple the way they are.  

We would like to remind you that before you start your adaptation, you will need to consider a lot of elements. Thus, this section will equip you with information on a broad range of topics:

  • Your age, mental health history and past adaptations
  • Current lifestyle: Travelling to different time zones, work shifts, etc.
  • Your religious affiliation, which may factor in your prayer schedule.
  • Possible health conditions (if any).
  • Viable long-term effects of polyphasic sleep.
  • Whether you are a parent or not.
  • And many more.

Your Work & School Schedule

Is Segmented the only option for me?

Knowing full well about your work/school schedule is helpful before you start an adaptation. In reality, your daily schedule can be a true decider if you will succeed or not. Watch out for potential changes in work hours!

Here, we list the most common types of work conditions you may have. Each of them, nevertheless, will come with advantages and tradeoffs. Your task is to find out the best compromises between adaptation difficulty and scheduling convenience! 

If you are students, these work schedules may still help you sort out your studying and working hours. Browse through all articles to see if you can find what you need.


In addition to your work and school schedule, what substances you consume also matters! Specifically, we cannot stress the usage of caffeine enough. In fact, it may have a say in a lot of your adaptations in the end, so be careful! 

There is, however, limited research on certain other substances; as a result, we only include some of the most popular ones in this list. Overall, the consumption timing may make a difference between poor quality sleep and a superb slumber. 

Medical Cautions

Before you start, it is also wise to introspect your health conditions and history.

  • If you have no known health conditions and are up to date with your history, great! 
  • Otherwise, you can read more about the appropriate conditions listed in this section if you have any.

Please be aware that the majority of these conditions are crippling; suffering from them may completely disable any chance you have at polyphasic sleep. However, do not miss out the section on sickness! Many people have reported it during their adaptations, so you would want to be well-prepared!

Once we gather sufficient information on other threatening medical conditions, we will add more of them to this section. So far, only some of the most popular sleep-related issues are present in this section.


Sleep and metabolism have a very close relationship. However, much of that relationship remains unknown when polyphasic sleep comes into play. A lot will change during and after the process; however, only you are capable of seeing your own changes.

This section will provide some hindsight on:

  • How polyphasic sleep may require some changes in your current diet.
  • Your capacity to exercise on a consistent basis.
  • Potential long-term effects of your own sleep schedule and your feeding habits.

Other Lifestyle Considerations

Alongside the aforementioned sections, we also attempt to cover more lifestyles. The specifics in section should serve as a guideline for you to refer to your personal situation. The mileage variance is going to be huge here. 

A lot of us will have to face peer pressures from the dominantly monophasic society; as such, fulfilling our personal responsibilities while maintaining a different sleep schedule may be overbearing. As always, not all hope is lost, though. 

There are always some kind of solutions for most things. We really hope these guides will assist you in the best of their ability. 

Prayers & Polyphasic Sleep

As unique as polyphasic sleeping is, it has quite a lot of niche in the religious world. In fact, many prayers around the world are probably unintentionally practicing it. Although we may miss out certain groups, this section may help you sort out your prayer schedule more efficiently. 

While certain prayer activities nowadays are also common in non-religious individuals, it is also potentially useful to know how these activities may affect your sleep quality