Many people who pursue a polyphasic sleep schedule do it for the dreaming benefits that polyphasic sleep provides. Due to predictable sleep times and the alterations of the sleep architecture, it is very common to have dreams at specific times on a polyphasic schedule.

  • The cores near the REM peak on Dual Core and Tri Core schedules are usually dream-filled.
  • The same thing happens for shorter nap durations, especially those scheduled around morning hours.

Whether your goal is to experience more dreams or to improve your lucid dreaming skills, polyphasic sleeping is a great way to achieve this! The purpose of this page is to provide further resources related to dreams.

This page will continue to update newer posts should there be relevant topics. 

Dream Recalling

This sections details dream recalling mechanics. Specifically, which factors contribute to more or less recalling of dreams. You will also get to understand the individual differences, all of which can affect how often you can recall dreams. 

However, the issue is more complicated with the polyphasic sleep regime. While we are searching for more definitive answers, we have documented various polyphasic cases!

Dream Content Interpretations

In this section, you will learn more about what to make of your own dreams! There are, in fact, several puzzling dreaming mechanics to absorb. But, given how convoluted and intricate dreaming is, this is no surprise. 

These articles will give you some basic ideas on whether polyphasic dreams are similar to monophasic dreams. Furthermore, you may also be interested in how your dreams can tell a story about your current lifestyle! 

Bizarre Dreaming Phenomena

As if dreaming in itself is not strange enough, we have more! At this point, you likely know that REM sleep may not be behind every single dreaming process. And you are right!

These dream phenomena may look strange because of their names; however, you probably have run into them in some way during your lifetime. And while some are more favorable to others, you would be curious about how each is different. 

In your polyphasic sleeping experience, you may also be prone to any of these occurrences as well. As always, do not fret! 

Alternate Dream States

So far we know that dreaming occurs during sleep, and that is true. However, is it the ONLY moment we dream? What constitutes dreaming and can we actually dream while awake?

Daydreaming and hypnagogia are such instances where you can question reality and dreaming. Reportedly, polyphasic adaptations, especially to extreme schedules blend the real and the dreaming world together sometimes. Are you awake or actually “dozing off” in your thoughts? 

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Page last updated: 24 April 2021