Many people wish to pursue a polyphasic sleep schedule for the productivity benefits. As in the 2018 Polyphasic Survey, many people improved their productivity naturally just by being on a polyphasic schedule!

This could perhaps be due to the similarity between polyphasic sleep schedules and the Pomodoro technique; both tools force people to structure their life in a predictable and strict manner.

The purpose of this page is to provide further resources related to productivity. Should there be any further helpful tools, they will also be parts of this page. Check it out occasionally!

Time Management Tools for More Productivity

Eisenhower Matrix

Pareto Principle

Parkinson’s Law

Here we offer the most effective time management tools for you to get started! Specifically, they are very promising against your own inner demon which pushes you to sleep more when adapting to a schedule.

Meanwhile, you may be more accustomed to your own time management approach. Feel free to try each of them out to gauge an idea about the most suitable tool. Also, remember to switch them up occasionally to avoid boredom!

Our successful sleepers all know how to take care of their time well. If you plan on keeping your polyphasic schedule for a long time, you definitely need to keep yourself motivated and preferably busy!

Learning & Performance

Mnemonic Techniques

Pomodoro Technique

There have been many questions regarding the ability of polyphasic sleepers to actually “learn” things. We have heard tons of discouraging messages and even mockery regarding this “sleep-deprived way to sleep” and live.

The truth of the matter is, even during the adaptation phase, you can still rely on some “easier” days to stock up on your effective studying. Not all adaptation days are roadblocks for learning, after all.

These two learning and performance-boosters are definitely not the only ways for you to learn, however. They mostly serve to keep you engaged through the entire adjustment phase to your new schedule.

Napping Versatility & Productivity

Appetitive Napping

Prophylactic & Replacement Naps

Car Napping

While these tips are generally game changers after the adaptation phase, during a pinch you may still get to keep your nap(s). The following days you can march on with consistent sleep times.

Car naps have seen a steady rise over the years in the community.

  • Many polyphasic sleepers have to resort to napping in a moving vehicles involuntarily, or their own cars.
  • Being able to nap soundly in a car can help boost your productivity levels afterwards.
  • Your car naps can also train you to nap on other unfavorable surfaces.

Productivity Detriments

Sleep Inertia



Aside from productivity boosters, there are decrements with quite debilitating effects. The biggest risk that these would pose is oversleeping during adaptation.

  • For one, being bored and having nothing useful to do is a bad way to start an adaptation, especially to a reducing schedule.
  • While daydreaming and sleep inertia have certain merits to their negative sides, their effects are often harsher during adaptation.

These hindrances overall can really set your usual productivity back. However, they will remind you of how much motivation and dedication you would need to continue this lifestyle.

Sometimes, all you need is a bit more conviction and you can make it through! Good luck!

Main authors: Crimson & GeneralNguyen

Page last updated: 5 March 2021