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Live consultations

While both the services offered in the Discord and the Subreddit are free, the negative aspects of these platforms would be that:

  1. Communications are mostly not handled live.
  2. You are usually asked to go to a specific place to find the answer to your questions, since most questions have complex answers.

Scheduling a personal, live consultation gives you the ability to bypass much of the time requirement needed to gain the necessary knowledge to succeed with your adaptation. Because of this, a service of this kind is mostly directed towards:

  • People who have very busy lives.
  • Entrepreneurs whose income is directly affected by taking time to have leisurely activities or otherwise not working.

A live Skype consultation will include:

  • Profiling to determine which schedules are best suited for you. 
  • Scheduling. 
  • Concrete information and strategies about how to succeed with adaptations. 
  • Access to a pre-compiled logging sheet designed to capture most relevant considerations you want to monitor.
  • Answers to questions you have to the best of the consultant’s ability.

The following people offer live consultations:

Name: Crimson
  • Owner of the polyphasic Discord server.
  • Moderator of the polyphasic Subreddit.
  • Author of
  • Author and analyzer of the 2018 polyphasic survey.
  • 2 years of experience with designing schedules and helping people adapt to polyphasic schedules.
Standard Skype consultation cost: €150 inc. VAT.
I want to book a private consultation with Crimson: [email protected]
Name: Jelte
  • 2 years moderator / administrator on the Discord.
  • Author of
  • 2 years experience with helping people adapt and design schedules.
  • Specialized in Keto diet and general exercise plans.
Standard Skype consultation cost: €150 inc. VAT.
I want to book a private consultation with Jelte: [email protected]

Please include in the email:

  • Your age
  • A chart filled out to show at what times you are available to have the consultation
  • The timezone you are in
  • A chart filled out to show when you are able to sleep consistently.
  • The reason why you want to sleep polyphasically.

Payment options and conditions will be provided in an email reply to you.