About us


A little bit about us… We are an active community with interest in polyphasic sleep. We mostly reside in the Polyphasic Sleeping Discord server and the /r/polyphasic Subreddit. With the Subreddit ‘s 12-year-old creation and the creation of the Discord in 2016, we have aimed to foster a more interactive discussion about polyphasic sleep and facilitate newcomers’ questions. Over time, the discord community grew to today’s size of over 4800 members

With the common goal of improving sleep quality and investigating various aspects of polyphasic sleep, many members have started to work on different projects.

  • These include compiling information about adaptation viability of different schedules and advanced sleep tracking using commercial and home-built EEGs.
  • One of these projects is also constructing and updating this website. It serves to compile all currently available information about polyphasic sleep. This includes information in otherwise paid resources and the most recent findings of the community. These are not regularly updated in other ancient polyphasic sleep resources online. 

Polyphasic sleep is far from fully explored. Thus, with many unknowns, even this website and other projects only reflect an ongoing effort about us. If you are interested in hanging out or even contributing to some of our work, definitely check out our Discord server and Subreddit.

Many contributors have written articles for this website. However, there are four core individuals. Here is some information about us:


Crimson holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical engineering. He has been interested in sleep even since he was young. He was captivated by the idea of pushing the body over its limits. In the past, he has attempted several polyphasic schedules. However, after many tries, he successfully adapted to Everyman 1. His polyphasic journey started after his daughter’s birth. Specifically, he had to reduce some sleep time. Thus, this allowed him to gather first-hand experience with polyphasic sleep. Since joining the polyphasic community, Crimsonflwr has conducted the 2018 polyphasic survey, which helped improve the credibility of the science. He is also working on several other projects with the goal of answering some of the hardest questions of polyphasic sleep. He is currently a Discord administrator, a moderator on r/polyphasic and one of the key members behind the YouTube channel. Crimson’s hobbies are homebrewing, gardening and cooking delicious meals.


He is currently a College Graduate who majors in Chemistry and minor in Pharmaceutical Sciences. He is a 6-year non-stop polyphasic sleeper since 19. In addition, he has adapted to a wide array of polyphasic schedules. He also proposed multiple alternative sleep patterns that at least a few community members have adapted to. He is a succeeding moderator on the Polyphasic Subreddit since 2016 and the founder of the Polyphasic Discord community. His motto is, it is not about how much one sleeps, but about sleeping the right amount. Like other members, he has been working to try convey the idea of using polyphasic sleeping as a means for long-term health maintenance and strategic napping rather than a tool to sleep as little as possible. 


He started the journey into polyphasic sleep during his studies. From a background of sleep difficulties, he is fascinated by the alternate mechanics of sleep and the impact it has on the body. By combining research with Zeo readings, he discovered the mechanics behind the Pronap in 2017. Many other sleepers have successfully implemented this mechanic since. Jelte1234 has been an administrator on the Discord for years, and one of the hosts on the YouTube channel. His hobbies include photography and 3d-design.


He runs a full massage practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, he is currently studying his Master’s in Psychology. After failing Uberman in 2008, he has been successfully polyphasic for various periods since 2016. Experimental attempts mostly failed, but he did successfully adapt to SEVAMAYL three times over the years. He has used different polyphasic schedules to support different lifestyles. This includes doubling income into six figures, sleeping in a car by choice, attaining nearly his ideal body, building relationships and having self-care and leisure time even while working as much as 70+ hours a week for months. He has gladly contributed as a Discord moderator and an experiential knowledge generator for this online polyphasic community.