How to Adapt


Adapting to a polyphasic sleep schedule is extremely demanding and can be extremely taxing both for the body and the mind. Specifically, many people described it as “the worst thing they have ever done“. Without knowing what to expect, you are setting yourself up for failure. Luckily, the community has throughout the years been able to investigate and develop multiple practices with the intention of helping YOU adapt successfully.

In this post, you will learn about everything there is to know about polyphasic sleep adaptations. In addition, we strongly encourage you to read through as much of the content here as possible before you start your journey. That WILL significantly help your adaptation!

Adaptation 101

Is Everyman 1 adaptation hard for me?

In this section, you will learn everything you need to know about an adaptation process to a polyphasic schedule. It does not matter if your schedule is non-reducing or otherwise. 

In addition, you will also be prepared to cope with different adaptation signs and symptoms. This is ultimately necessary to keep yourself on guard until you have adapted to your schedule. There is nothing more important than a proper preparation before you invest your time into an adaptation. Thus, there is NEVER too much preparation time!

Note that there are new methods that have been developed in order to help you adapt to different polyphasic schedules over the years. You may have never heard of these methods and tricks before, so pay close attention! You never know how helpful they can be. 

Advanced Adaptation Tips

Can I sleep earlier to fall asleep faster?

If you have finished reading through Adaptation 101, great! However, there are more intricate details awaiting you on the way! As a matter of fact, these are just as important as the generic adaptation introduction. 

Being strict with your sleep times is the tip you have heard many and many times. In fact, so many times that it may have become obvious for EVERY adaptation. However, is that true? Is it the only way to adapt to your schedule of choice?

Furthermore, when adapting, you may or may not face crippling sleep deprivation symptoms. Things may suck, and everything can look tough. Yet, as always, we provide you with certain countermeasures to boost your morale and self-belief. Persistence and patience are keys!

Products & Apps

So far, you have understood the necessary tricks to hold on to your adaptation and keep things going. You seem to be doing well and things appear to really improve. But, you may be hitting a roadblock as those oversleeps start creeping into your schedule.

Not to mention, being stuck in that disgraceful stage 3-4 loop is nothing to laugh at, either. When more oversleeping occurs, it may spell doom to your adaptation…

What can be your weapons to fight off these pesky setbacks reliably?

Check out software programs that can aid you in combating oversleeping. All at your disposal. 

The core ends at 3:30 AM, not PM!

Friendly reminders:

  • Make sure your alarms actually function well. 
  • Check your alarms at least twice before you sleep.
  • Do not confuse or mistake AM for PM and vice versa!

Sleep Tracking

If you have made it this far, fantastic! If things seem to go well for you, are you ever curious about your sleep? How much SWS and REM do you get in that core sleep or a 4 PM nap? Have you dreamt more often? If so, can it be that your REM is overflowing in your naps? Any other sleep trackers that I can buy as well, just for comparison?

We have products that can help you find out about your sleep stages on your polyphasic schedules! The Olimex and Zeo promise to be good friends in your journey to discover more about your sleep. 

Adaptation successful: Now What?

Congratulations on your successful adaptation! You have become an expert napper! At this stage you are in total control of your own sleep schedule and daily timetables. There does not seem to be much else to do, right? Should you adapt to another schedule right away? Or stick with this adapted one? If I want to make my sleep schedule flexible will I have to adapt to something?

While you can just enjoy your sleep and choose not to adapt to anything else, there is actually much more to think about! 

  • Optimizing your productivity output daily is a fine idea. We have tips for you to manage your time better. Work smarter, not harder
  • Boosting the resilience of your own sleep schedule! Just certain upgrades in some flexible sleep times, and you can be good for a long time to come!
  • Aside from flexible sleep times, we also provide you different approaches to recover your schedule if your obligations happen to strike your naps and affect your core sleep(s). Don’t miss out on these tips!
  • And lastly, there’s now SOMETHING beyond just 4 stages of adaptation as well! 
Main authors: Crimson & GeneralNguyen

Page last updated: 22 October 2021