ESSENTIAL Health Considerations on Polyphasic Schedules: The ULTIMATE course on the Dark Period

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The Ultimate Dark Period Course

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Have you ever wondered if polyphasic sleeping is healthy?
This is a perfectly reasonable question to ask, because you are changing the rhythm of your body so drastically.
The ugly truth is that it may not be healthy; this is unless you take the right precautions.
You need to ensure a healthy circadian stability by keeping an intact dark period.

In short, the dark period is when you aren’t exposed to green & blue light.
As will be covered in details later, this can be achieved by using red glasses, red lighting or staying in complete darkness.

My name is Crimsonflwr and I am one of the people with the initiative of having a dark period.
Back in the early days of the community, it was common practice to use red glasses to block out blue & green light around 1 to 2 hours before the main SWS core.
However, literally no one even considered using them after you wake up from the core.

I got the idea for the dark period by making a correlation between plants and lighting conditions. Furthermore,  after researching the topic thoroughly, I came to the conclusion that the whole approach to polyphasic sleeping needed to change to make sure that people stay healthy. Apparently, this does also account for when they change their schedules.

In this course, you will also learn the background for this information & will be able to understand the importance of maintaining a good circadian health.

Topics for discussion in the course

The circadian rhythm: what it is, what affects it and why you need to consider it.
What the dark period is with general information around it.
How to schedule dark periods around polyphasic schedules.
What products you can buy to help establish a good dark period.
What software you can use to filter out blue and green light from electronical devices.
An ultimate beginner-friendly light-filtering calculator that you can use to see if your current light filtering setup qualifies.
Issues that come with a dark period and how to overcome them.
Finding out how to determine the peak times for sleep by using the three noons.
– How to stop being a slave to your body and shift the circadian rhythm according to your will.

By taking this course, you will learn essential do’s & dont’s about polyphasic sleep.
These will help you stay healthy even when altering your sleep pattern in such a radical way as polyphasic sleep allows!
There will also be a lot of videos, pictures, tools & more in this course to help you learn better!

Main author: Crimsonflwr

Course last updated: 30 December 2020



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