Medical caution


Introduction Although seemingly irrelevant, there is actually some relationship between schizophrenia and sleep. However, a lot of findings may appear controversial regarding this specific psychiatric […]

Other Medical Conditions

Introduction There are a lot of medical conditions to be concerned about; obviously, we cannot list every possible condition and extrapolate the data with polyphasic […]

Sleep Apnea

Introduction Relaxing muscles in the throat are behind sleep apnea, which results in the airway being blocked1. This causes a drop in blood oxygen saturation, […]


Introduction Narcolepsy is, needless to say, a disabling sleep disorder. Its effects can be incapacitating to the point of life-threatening1, depending on the severity. By […]

Alzheimer’s Disease

Introduction Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most common neurodegenerative disorders in the elderly. The chance to get Alzheimer drastically increases in the elderly group; […]


Introduction The term “hypersomnia” is usually an umbrella-term for all cases with or without excessive sleep duration1; nevertheless, it is also typical for “sleep drunkenness’” […]


Introduction Insomnia is a very common and problematic sleep issue in humans. Scientists often refer to insomnia as the inability to fall asleep and maintain […]