How to adapt

How to Adapt

Introduction Adapting to a polyphasic sleep schedule is extremely demanding and can be extremely taxing both for the body and the mind. Specifically, many people […]

How to Prepare for Adaptations

Introduction There are three main ways to prepare for polyphasic adaptations. Specifically, two of these methods induce more sleep debt. This would facilitate falling asleep […]

Flexible Sleep Timing

This page is an expansion from the Advanced Scheduling Section on the concept of flexing sleep. The strategies of flexing sleep in this page are […]

Adding Time to Fall Asleep

Introduction When one chooses a schedule, a rather common question is, “how much time should I add to these sleep blocks to account for the […]

Strictness of Sleep Times

Introduction Strictness of sleep times is a very important determinant in polyphasic adaptations. It is in your best interest to be as strict as possible […]

Adaptation Stages & Success

After starting a new sleep schedule, some time is necessary for the body to adapt. In general, the complete adaptation usually takes over four weeks. […]

Managing Sleep Deprivation

Introduction Short-term sleep deprivation during adaptation is unavoidable, especially during adaptation to more extreme sleep schedules. While proper adaptation methods can help with decreasing sleep deprivation […]

Adaptation Methods

Introduction There are a lot of adaptation methods to assist with changes in sleep patterns. This is because every change in sleep schedule requires some […]