Substance Use

Introduction Substance use, in the form of drugs and medications, are everyday consumables. In the context of sleep, they can affect sleep onset or even […]

Polyphasic Sleep Adaptation

Polyphasic sleep adaptation is not a straightforward concept. However, like many other real-world adaptations, such as increasing exercise workload or switching diet, there is an […]

Biological Rhythms

There are a lot of biological rhythms in humans. This article will describe them in detail, mostly in the context of polyphasic sleeping. It is […]


Introduction It is important to factor in social time when deciding if it is a suitable time to start a polyphasic adaptation. Human assistance can […]

Working Life Considerations

Introduction Working life consideration is a huge aspect for effective polyphasic sleep scheduling. Many people do not work independently as freelancers and cannot set their […]

Medical Cautions

Introduction Much as polyphasic sleeping is a viable lifestyle, there are a lot of complicated medical cautions. Numerous sleep-related medical conditions can make it significantly […]

Diet Considerations

Introduction Diet considerations are often overlooked especially in first-time polyphasic sleepers. Unhealthy eating, has been associated with bad sleep; this is especially true with consuming […]

Lifestyle Considerations

Introduction There are a lot of lifestyle considerations to bear in mind. In addition, choosing a correct and maintainable schedule is important. However, it is […]

Introduction to polyphasic sleep

Polyphasic Sleep Introduction Polyphasic sleep is the practice of sleeping more than once per day. This contrasts with monophasic sleep, which consists of a single […]

Sleep mechanics

Healthy sleep mechanics have a typical architecture that comprises of a certain number of sleep stages. In regular sleep, these stages occur in a specific […]