Wake Maintenance Zone

Introduction The wake maintenance zone (WMZ), by definition, is a period of wakefulness that lasts for 2-3 hours before nocturnal bedtime1. During this wake maintenance […]

Sleep Repartitioning

Introduction Sleep being able to repartition seems like a very weird concept, right? That is actually a term that we polyphasic sleepers use! Basically, it […]

Glymphatic System

Introduction to the Glymphatic System The glymphatic system is a network of cavities in the brain that opens up during sleep1, mainly during SWS as […]

Sleep Cycle

Introduction Normally, sleep cycle is cyclic during when the body transitions between the above mentioned sleep stages. During a monophasic schedule, each cycle lasts approximately […]

Non-rapid-eye-movement 2

Introduction NREM2, or light sleep stage 2 (LNREM2), is one of the four sleep stages in humans. Similar to NREM1, it is also a light […]

Non-rapid-eye-movement 1

Introduction Non-rapid-eye-movement 1, or NREM1, is the first stage of the NREM sleep category. It is the first stage of light sleep and researchers often […]

Rapid-Eye-Movement Sleep

Introduction Rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep, or “paradoxical / dream sleep“, is an indispensable sleep stage in humans. Specifically, this sleep stage has had a long history […]

Slow-Wave Sleep

Introduction Slow-wave Sleep (SWS), often also referred to as NREM3 or Deep Sleep, is a crucial sleep stage in humans. In the past, there were […]


Introduction to Naps We know that naps are an integral part of most polyphasic schedules. However, their duration matters. Naps should be mostly 20 minutes long. […]


Introduction A core sleep typically contains a multiple of 90 minutes on a polyphasic schedule. After multiple weeks, many polysleepers find themselves waking up earlier […]