Testimonials and Famous Polyphasic Sleepers

Famous polyphasic sleepers through time

Famous Polyphasic Sleepers

Polyphasic sleeping and even polyphasic sleepers have had a long journey throughout the length of history. The most common sleep patterns are segmented and biphasic sleeping. However, this section lays out the list of famous polyphasic sleepers. Not everyone is in the list, however…

The history of polyphasic sleep

The History of Polyphasic Sleep

This post details the events of polyphasic sleep throughout history. There are a lot of events that have happened to date, which diversifies polyphasic sleeping experiences. In here, you will learn the changes in approaches with polyphasic sleep. Many individuals have partaken in the process of making polyphasic sleep popular even in the modern day. 


One of the most popular polyphasic experiences, Everyman 3

Listen to these first-hand experiences of these sleepers! Every one of them has an interesting story to share how polyphasic sleeping has changed their lives. Some have been able to maximize their productivity; others have reaped tremendous dreaming benefits, feel healthier. Some have even managed to overcome big hurdles in their lives, etc.

In these videos, you will also be able to learn more about their adaptation progresses. This includes, but not limited to, what sacrifices they have to make upon switching to a polyphasic sleep regime. In addition, there are also other cautions and tips to manage your own time better as well. There are some sleep tracking data from certain sleepers during their adaptation experiences. So, you will learn that there is a silent population in the world who sleeps polyphasically! 


Work-In-Progress! Once more adapted sleepers desire to leave their messages, we will make updates here!

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