BEGINNER GUIDE: The Choice of Sleeping Right

Sleep Polyphasically with the Right Choice

Work in progress. Information is subject to addition in the future. 


There is just too much information on “where to start” a polyphasic schedule on the website, which fogs your own choice. In fact, we have 160+ articles on various topics of polyphasic sleep. You cannot wait to actually start something. But, what if this or that piece of information plays some good roles in your adaptation success?

  • Like, what if you totally have no clue of what alarms to use and just YOLO with what you have?
  • What if, 3 weeks later, your so-called “alarms” fail you so bad that you have to recover?
  • Dark period is a nonproblem. However, I still feel tired after 3 months trying to adapt to Everyman 2. Should I really have adopted the dark period?

Again, having a correct and powerful enough alarm system is just one small part of the equation. There is indeed a lot more, and as a beginner, things are truly overwhelming. However, as always, we offer this guide for any beginners wanting to start polyphasic sleep. 

Welcome! I go by GeneralNguyen, a veteran polyphasic sleeper in the community. Today, I will attempt to help you decide on a polyphasic schedule properly. The moment you begin will hopefully be the moment you can fully commit to one thing: adapt to your own schedule! This simplistic guide, I hope, will be your best friend in your conquest of understanding your own sleep. 

NOTE: This guide is dedicated to polyphasic beginners. Veterans and other more seasoned sleepers can have more leeway in their own choice. 

List of Topics on Sleep Choice

There are a couple of topics that are necessary for you to cover. In addition, there may be topics that you have completely missed or skipped. Thus, be sure to hang around and make sense of everything before you start! Choosing a polyphasic schedule may be very simple, but you’d be surprised by how many improper attempts are driven by the wrong decisions.

  • Personal monophasic sleep duration assessment
  • Work and school schedules
  • Short-term polyphasic sleep strategies
  • Polyphasic sleep as a long-term lifestyle choice
  • Personal health history and lifestyle habits
  • Narrowing your choices: Process of elimination
  • Balancing opportunity and cost
  • Some practical applications of scheduling
  • Your final choice


Compared to other courses, this one will be different in structure. Specifically, all of these articles will follow the Q&A (Question and Answer) style. Basically, I would like to represent some of the most common questions that polyphasic beginners often ask. Hopefully, their end goals will ring with what you are looking for through this conversational tone. 

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s get started! 


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  1. THE BEST COURSE EVER, finished it in one day and it’s extremely useful. I’d say it’s a must not just for beginners but for anyone who’s not an expert in polyphasic sleeping. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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