Lifestyle considerations


Introduction Meditation has long been a massively powerful yet familiar with the religious population. Specifically, it has been a daily and consistent part of Buddhist […]

Long-term Metabolic Effects

Introduction Long-term polyphasic sleeping seems like a dream with all the sleep reduction one would get, but its metabolic effects would deserve special attention. Short-term […]


Introduction Menstruation has always been a fascinating topic to explore, especially with regards to sleep. Accounting for individual differences, we have had exposure to a […]


Introduction Religion has deep roots in human culture and history. The ideas present in multiple religious books, including the Bible, interestingly give some hints about […]


Introduction We may not be fully aware of how we sleep while travelling. However, it is quite a common thing to observe a traveler napping […]

Daylight Saving Time

Introduction Daylight Saving Time, or DST, requires an annual 1-hour change in local sleep time1. Specifically, there are 2 DST instances each year: Spring (e.g, […]

Sleeping Positions

Introduction Which sleep position is the most optimal one for our own snooze? What about naps, are there any special exceptions? There can be many […]


Needless to say, the social communication in the community is an invaluable asset to assist with polyphasic adaptations. As an Amazon Associate I earn from […]